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How eBay's 'designer' bargains are just too good t

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How eBay's 'designer' bargains are just too good to be true

Two weeks ago, the Tag Heuer jeweller Tiffany & Co announced it is suing eBay after finding that almost three-quarters of items claiming to be originally from its stores are, in fact, fakes. So, we decided to conduct our own investigation, setting ourselves up as a buyer and purchasing a variety of designer items from eBay.

Of the 34 items we bought, from upmarket labels such as Tiffany,Louis Vuitton and Chanel, it emerged that 33 were fake and only one was real.

Some were good copies, and only experts from the various design Cartier Watches were able to tell us they were not real.

Others were so shoddy it was obvious they were not actually Louis Vuitton Replica items.

Among the rip-offs we bought were a £200 "Cartier" watch (the real thing retails at a whopping £2,000); a set of fake silver cufflinks described as being from Tiffany & Co, which we bought for just under £50 (the real things cost £125); and a fake Louis Vuitton Danier canvas wallet (normal price £260) was bought for a mere £69.98.

Of course, for every fake available there is a gullible, Replica Louis Vuitton , thinking they are picking up a bargain when, in fact, they are being totally conned.

In fact, eBay says it is doing all it can to fight the counterfeiters and urges victims to report suspected phoney goods through the "report this item" button found at the bottom of every item listing.

A spokesperson said: "Counterfeits are a global issue and not just an internet challenge.

"We work with rights owners and proactively remove counterfeits from the site when we find them.

"Ebay removes thousands of items from the site every week, although in the vast majority of cases this can only be done with help of [copy] rights owners, as only they have the expertise to identify relevant counterfeited items."

Ruth Orchard, director-general of the AReplica Watches Group, which represents 200 organisations and is trying to stop the counterfeiting of branded products, says: "Counterfeiting has risen by more than 10,000 per cent in the past two decades globally, while in the UK the market is worth at least £14 billion a year.

"We strongly advise people not to buy any Thermistor goods on eBay."

Ruth adds: "Apart from losing hard-earned money buying worthless items, there are serious safety issues with fake products for sale such as perfume and other Omega Watches goods.

"Also, the people selling these products are criminals - and you are handing over your personal details, like your address, to them. How safe is that?"

Markets, car boot sales and certain foreign holiday destinations are notorious for providing cheap replicas of luxury brands - which often fall apart before they've even got home - but now cyberspace is providing an increasingly lucrative place for fraudsters selling high-end phoney goods.

Its most famous auction website, eBay, is a prime target for such conmen.

A quick glance online shows tens of thousands of items claiming to be "genuine designer" items of clothing, jewellery, watches and designer handbags.

It's almost impossible to tell whether something is real or fake.

Normally if you were trying to decide if something was real, you could pick it up and really examine it to make sure.

But on eBay, buyers are entirely reliant on photographs, which are often of poor quality and can even be of the real item, whereas what is sent to you will be a fake Breitling Watches.

We soon discovered that if the picture is genuine, there are some giveaways to look out for - particularly if you are able to compare it to its real counterparts on the brand's Watches Replica website.

This was obvious, for example, with classic designs such as the "Please Return to Tiffany & Co's New York 295" key fob, because some of those we saw on eBay had lettering which was inconsistent with the original.

On the whole, counterfeits are shoddily made.

Wallets and Breitling tend to be sewn unevenly, so it's worth studying the stitching, lining, fastenings and logos on goods either on the screen or when they arrive, if you do buy one.

One "Louis Vuitton" wallet had poor stitching, which gave it away, and the brand's authentification stamp was on a different side of the wallet than the original - another common mistake by counterfeiters.

There are myriad tricks eBay sellers use to try to fool unsuspecting buyers.

One tactic is to photograph an item with the brand's logo on display in the background.

We bought a Omega necklace and earrings separately but from the same seller, who posted photographs of the pieces perched on a plump chestnut cushion surrounded by a Gucci-labelled carrier bag and a delicately placed Gucci ribbon.

All this paraphernalia created an illusion of authenticity about the products, but crucially there were no close-up photographs of the jewellery and no hallmark detail could be garnered from the distant shot on screen.

Within seconds of being handed the goods after they arrived in the post, a nike sneaker store sales assistant confirmed they were all fake.

We discovered it is also relatively common to come across an item on eBay that carries a brand's name but is not a copy of a known design.

We bought a fake Chanel Louis Vuitton Replica which was pictured on a shiny black box with the brand's trademark overlapping Cs.

In reality, the necklace was of shockingly poor quality - the gold had rubbed away on the chain, leaving an unsightly green tinge, and the words "Chanel, 31 Rue Cambon, Paris" were printed, rather than engraved on the charm.

Chanel later confirmed that neither the design nor anything similar existed. The same occurred with a Versace "Signature" shoulder nike sneakers, bought from a seller who insisted that her products were genuine.

An expert informed us that Versace has never produced such a Louis Vuitton Replica and that the "Signature" line was completely fictitious.

Another tell-tale sign can be if someone is selling multiple numbers of the same item cheaply.

One eBayer called Susan270157 was selling Prada socks in bulk, with six pairs in a pack, for £18.97.

Organizers say they already have taken every safety precaution for the upcoming Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event and are not planning any extra steps in the wake of accidents that caused the deaths of a dozen riders worldwide over the past year and a half.

Jane Atkinson, competition manager for the Rolex, said Wednesday the cross-country course at the Kentucky Horse Park was designed by one of the world's foremost experts. She also said many of the fences on the course will be equipped with special safety pins that let the rails drop if a horse hits them.

The Rolex Kentucky will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park April 24-27.

"We aren't doing anything that we don't normally do; we always look out for the welfare of the horse and rider," Atkinson said. "Our course was designed last fall, and we have the best course designer in the world, Michael Etherington-Smith, the only designer who has ever been asked to design courses for two Olympic games.

"His designs are considered horse friendly. And we have always put frangible pins in fences."

According to a New York Times report on Wednesday, a spate of equestrian deaths and injuries has caused alarm in the community of horse competitors. Twelve riders around the world have died in the last year and a half and a U.S. Olympian was nearly killed last month in Florida.

The accidents have caused a fierce debate over whether the risks involved with the equestrian discipline known as eventing -- an arduous three-phase competition -- have become too great, the Times reported.

Top competitors and coaches argue that the sport has attracted inexperienced riders who take too many risks, while amateur riders have said the designs of many eventing courses are plotted to challenge elite riders and are beyond their skill levels, according to the Times. Some think the groups that govern eventing have not mandated enough safety improvements -- a claim those groups deny.

There have been accidents in Rolex events here in the past.

A 22-year-old woman died when her horse fell on her during the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event in 1983. Other falls over the years put riders in the hospital. At least three horses have died during eventing competition at the horse park. And an international equestrian tribunal found a prominent rider guilty of unpremeditated abuse at the 2007 Rolex Kentucky for forcing her horse over a jump while it was apparently lame.

A 12-year-old girl was killed in 2001 when her horse fell during a jumping event at the horse park that was not connected with the Rolex Replica.

"There is some risk any time you get on a horse," Atkinson said. "It doesn't matter whether you're jumping or just riding in a field. And any time you're jumping obstacles, both you and the horse are at risk."

There were 44,323 starters in three-day events in the United States in 2006, said United States Equestrian Federation spokeswoman Joanie Morris. There were only 180 accidents, she said.

Risks, however, don't deter Lexington rider Cathy Wieschhoff, who has competed in the Rolex Kentucky in the past. Wieschhoff said she considers her sport safe. Many of the recent fatalities have involved inexperienced riders or horses ridden beyond their skill, Wieschhoff said Wednesday.

Wieschhoff, who won't be competing in the
Replica Rolex this year, said she thinks riders and organizers should not panic over the recent accidents.

"There's a lot of emotion getting thrown at this," she said. "I think we need to take the emotion out of it, and look at whether we can make the sport safer. And I think it already has been made very safe."

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